Bringing Hope

to the World’s Needy

Are you with us?

In 2015, GHA brought hope to the world’s Needy and ministered to the Forgotten Ones in some of the most difficult places on earth.  What an amazing year.  With the help of our donors and partners on the ground, we continue to feed thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing the destruction of their homelands.  Along with food and the equipment to serve warm meals, we also supplied blankets and clothing for the cold winter months.

In Juba, South Sudan we delivered a timely shipment of medicine to fight the cholera epidemic sweeping through the country.  Thanks to our trusted partners on the ground the medicine arrived safely and are now being distributed through the Episcopalian Church, and all this in the midst of an on-going civil war.  And to end the year, two containers of wheelchairs were shipped in early December to support our partners in Cypress.
We truly feel blessed and energized to be a part of an organization and people who do not sit on the sidelines and watch.  We believe everyone can be a play a part.  Everyone can make a difference.
Thank you for helping GHA, Be the Difference.