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Haitian population ravaged
by Cholera Epidemic

Along with the Cholera medication we will also be sending:

Personal water filters
Personal Hygiene kits
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Louisiana Flood Not Yesterdays News To The Victims

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Hope Changes Everything

Why We Exist – “Ministering to the Needy by Name”


It is the mission of GHA to provide relief and development to individuals and communities affected by conflict, disaster, or disease.  The communities and individuals GHA serves are oftentimes the most marginalized, exacerbating their need for immediate aid and attention.  GHA seeks to serve people through personal relationships, demonstrating a commitment to knowing by name beneficiaries of GHA’s relief services.  God knows their names, as we bring relief in His name; we want to know them by name too.


GHA goes into action when the normal structures of relief and development programs cannot help. Children and women caught in such extreme crisis receive the extra, life-saving attention needed for those who would not otherwise survive. Internationally, this might call for special ‘life flight’ type transportation to remote hospitals. Domestically, this might call for interventions in the lives of homeless and distraught ‘motel families’, where social services have been exhausted. Intervention at the point of last resort, this is the work of Global Hope in Action.