Wheelchairs for Cypress

Being an organization that is most recognized for our relief work in Africa, India and the Middle-East, we were somewhat surprised when a small NGO in Cypress asked for our assistance in obtaining wheelchairs for her country.  Is there really a need for wheelchairs in Cypress?  Being a very European appearing country one would think wheelchairs would not be an issue.  With further investigation we found wheelchairs are just one of the many areas of need in a country whose economy is in shambles.

In early 2015 GHA partnered with Joni & Friends to deliver 200 wheelchairs for distribution to hospitals and families in need across the country. The response was overwhelming!  At a distribution celebration, our efforts were recognized by the President of the country and the Mayor of Larnaca, the city where the event was held. Media outlets from across the country carried the stories of the overwhelming need, as well as personal stories of families receiving the chairs.

Unbeknownst to us, they had never before received a gift of this dimension.

We are so thankful to our donors and partners for your support.  You made this happen.